White Flag
[Verse 1: Bashy]
Ayy, look, yo, no castaway, no survivor
I ain't lost and this ain't shipwrecked
I feel small in this big wide world
And Mummy ain't said "Honey, I shrunk the kids" yet
I ain't Jesus, but I'm walking on water
There's no bombs here, there's no war, 'cause
I can break out of jail with a lighter
So is there any point in making laws, blud?
This ain't Atlantis, are you sure?
I nearly suffocated when I touched the shore
No rain, condoms it poured
And up the road, you'd never guess who I saw

[Verse 2: Kano]
Uh, uh, uh, it's K-A
Look, skip on the beat like Ali in the gym (Yeah)
Honey, I'm home this is where I wanna live (Yeah)
Just found it like Nemo on the D-low
I don't know if it's greener, but it's green though
On the other side of the fence, bye to the ends
Look, no feds, no stress, no rent
No superficial sh*t, this real flow
Where the women look hot, but the beach cold
And the speech goes like, "Hi, little lady
Sex on the beach, wanna try for a baby?"
Word in the village, I'm a little bit crazy
Swagger on a hundred degrees, no eighty
Look, if heaven had a VIP
Uh, this is it: white sand, blue sea
But I don't know who they are
And I'm damn sure they don't know me, but I come in peace
[Verse 3: Bashy & Kano]
Cool! White flag! White flag!
Uh-huh, no war! No guns! No corps!
Just life, just love, no hype, just fun
No ties, just me and my mind
Just me and my wife, but tell me if I'm dreamin'
'Cause I don't wanna wake up till the evenin'
And I don't wanna be left sleepin'
From all the diseases that I breathe in
Look, respect the island, no stealin'
And don't bring religion here, no three kings
Integrated, and we ain't leavin'!
We come on a peace t'ing
White Flag? White Flag!