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Don Toliver

"Let It Go"

Lyrics from Snippet

I walk in, I throw that money, let it go (Let it go)
If I don't see no one bad, then it's adios (Adios)
If I'ma break that bread, you touch it down to your toes (Down to your toes)
Lil' shawty doin' something up and down on that pole (Up and down on that, oh)
Ooh, she feeling loose (She feelin', uh huh)
And I'm 'bout to slide up, lil' shawty made the news (She made the news)
I bet I'm live like lil' Boosie with them Two's (I bet I'm live)
I got my ratchet pull it up, I bet I shoot, shoot (I got my ratchet pull it)

[Verse 1]
[?] (Yeah)
[?] (Yeah)
Been a little minute since I raid the parking lot (Uh huh)
You see me calling, hate no problem
I got the F&N, yeah I solved it

Play around out there (Ooh, ooh)
I do not care (Oh no, no)
I'm sippin' on Bel Air (Yeah, yeah)
Let it out everywhere (Let, let)
Psychopath, yeah I swear (Uh huh)
New York, dirt and don't tell (Yeah, yeah)
Prayin' 12 don't prevail (Uh huh, uh)
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