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Don Toliver

"Cafeteria (Demo)"

[Intro: Chase B & Don Toliver]
A'ight, let me get, uh, the spicy yellow tail, need that, need that
What'd you say Don? You need the, the Wagyu tacos?
Let him get that
Uh, lobster tempura, always need that
You know what? f**k it
Just bring a whole bunch of sh*t out and I'll tell y'all if I like it or not, come on
Oh Ross

Yo, Chase B

[Chorus: Don Toliver]
I like my women (Ah) in two, twos (Two)
I get distracted, pockets fat with a new boo (Baby)
At the cafeteria, call it Nobu (No cap)
Lil' shawty sloppy, she asked for the Bluetooth
Ran into a wild dawg, Young Don got a loose screw (Yeah, yeah)
I'm gettin' the head, dawg, while lookin' for the Bluetooth
I made a blog about it, lil' shawty on YouTube (Yeah, yeah)
Two freaks in one room, n***a what would you do? (You do, you do, get it)

[Verse: 1: Don Toliver]
Officer, I'm sorry, baby, I was doin' a hundred (I'm sorry)
Smoke blown in your face, I know you want all my money (I'm sorry)
Better read me my rights, you know Don ain't no dummy (I'm sorry)
I'm sorry (Ooh), I'm sorry (Ooh), I'm sorry (Ooh), I'm sorry (Ooh)
I get checks and I'm hard to impress, I dislike police, please
I'll be honest, all of my block (Block) Don back in the streets (Please)
The way my sh*t be rumblin', hungry, you need one of these (Yeah, yeah)
Took me long enough (Oh), lil' baby, to find all my keys (Yeah)
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