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Amy Winehouse

"Help Yaself"

Verse 1

I can't help you, if you won't help yaself
So help me, help you find peace
If you tell me, I can make it real ill
I'm in the field, feel me?
We got way to much to deal with out here to be stressing each other out with the Bills /
What, you ain't amused at all?
I gotta get moving
Ain't finna lose it
Tryna get you involved
But you is a trooper & I am a soldier
But ima give you applause
Never gon use you
Not finna hold you
'cept when you move my arm
& put it around you
When I was down she was the glue
Stuck around - heard me out
When I'm wrong - put me right back to
Told me "get it together"
"You helping yaself, you finna get better"
You can stay on the diet you on OR you can eat healthier /
What a suggestion
I'm helping myself
Been hitting the gym
I'm seeing results
4rm coming in frail
Getting my gains - finally training
Eye on the prize - I'm good wit the aim
I need Ultimate Beastmaster next to my name...

Hook - Amy

Verse 2
So, as I come upon the 33rd year on this earth /
I'm reminiscing
Thinking about what I contributed 1st
I find the purpose for what I mean in these verses /
I got 1 mo album fa yall after this & then I'm surfin /
If these words gon put me round the world, then its worth it /
But if the curtains closing
Let me know if I earned it
See, this was all fa yall
Lord knows that I wanted yall to vibe
But I heard if you want it to much
It isn't right
So idk, all I know is it feel like I been singing to a wall /
I dont really hear from yall
I'm bout finna switch careers if I flop again or fall /
& it's true, I never saw this coming
Feel like they hit pause
But it's cool, I'll keep it pushing till they ready /
Grt the start button ready
Yeah, I'm pressing it
Just one mo time, I'm betting it all /
At this point, ima vet with these bars
I'm tryna help out here
Then she mentions it again
She say

I can't help you.. if you won't help yaself

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