Amy Winehouse

"In My Bed (T in the Park 2004)"

[Verse 1]
Wish I could say it breaks my heart
Like you did in the beginning
It's not that we grew apart
A nightingale no longer singin'
It's something I know you can't do
Yeah, separate sex with emotion
I sleep alone, the sun comes up
And you're still clinging to that notion

Everything is slowin' down
River of no return
Recognise my every sound
There's nothin' new to learn

You'll never get my mind right
Like two ships passing in the night
In the night, in the night
Want the same thing when we lay
Otherwise, mine's a different way
A different way from where I'm going
Oh, it's you again
Listen, this isn't a reunion
So sorry if I turn my head
Yours is a familiar face
But that don't make your place safe
In my bed, my bed, my bed
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