Amy Winehouse

"Love at First Light (Amy’s Song)"

I never wanted you
To be my man
I just needed some company
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on
But I lose it when you're lovin' me
Like smoke I
Hang around in the unbalance

Let's call this love at first light
Cuz you were warm
You set my mind on fire
And if you sprinkle in the way
That I was blazed anyway
And rolled tight in your gaze
For you I was a flame
We know
Love is a losing game
But for you I'd play
For you I might want a small taste
Cuz if you're Swisher Sweet
Then I'm Mrs. Sweet
With no sticks or seeds
Praying to God
Time burns slow for you
And me
And when you lеave
You carry we
In your memoriеs
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