Allan Rayman


[Verse 1 - DillanPonders]

Ya I been great staying inside we sparking up and let it ventilate
Calling my plug the pack is passing through the interstate
They can't relate they making fun and then they imitate
I got whiskey and Psilocybin time to levitate
In a better place cause I meditate and medicate
On to better days pedestals could to never elevate
I ain't slowing down never sleeping working 10-8
Went and found myself then I ran away

[Hook – Allan Rayman]

I hear fun, coming across the street from a window
There's a crew I'd like to meet, they live there
Unaware, of me, and I'm okay, with the view
And the lovely little fresh tunes they play there
Unaware, of me

[Verse 2 – DillanPonders & Allan Rayman]

Living care free, always getting high man I can promise it's a guarantee
Got her phone on silent she's in charge of what her parents see
Been a one of one I'm the one ya apparently
I'll go anywhere when I blow up like it's confetti
I was born ready, live forever like I'm Tom Petty
I been going steady, I’m a drug but I ain't on any
I was born treading, dead bodies yeah I saw many
You don't f**k with me, you don't love me, why you commenting
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