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Nothing left to save you from wrath of all your Karma
Drill inside your head injecting poison like I'm dhalmer
You so f**king stupid that you make me wanna vomit
Call it what you wanna call it that’s a promise
I've had enough!
I just wanna see you f**king rot
I've had enough!
f**k you
Don’t talk to me don't trust you
f**k you
I could really do without it promise
Will you just do me a solid
And think about it just honestly
Why the f**k are you constantly
So obsessed with apologies
Why you wanna be wannabes
Wanna another commodity
Just to feed your economy
b*t*h I'm sick of it
All your little rules and your polices
From the dirt you came
To the dirt you go
Get down motherf**ker down it's about to blow
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