Sturgeon’s Law lyrics


Envclave, I’m stuck in like Lichtenstein
Hit the ground and I break my back
Call it fracture with twisted spine

Rest in fetal position when bombardiering
Got their business done
Get digging their graves and not a shrine

Pyramid blueprints like a Ponzi scheme
I got it cut like lysurgery
Not an acid dream

Crawling under their skin
Just like a beetle in a needle with heads in a jar
But no marine in sight

Bald win like I got Alec In the cast
No Chrome, metallic
Just pitch black
All Days stuck covertly passing in a mask
With a flat face, bump rеsolution its only faceted

Assets stuck in traffic
A loan hookеd up in a casket
Call the morgue, we got a mortgage in a jam
It’s a disaster
Hold it, plaster me
Embalm my estate
We gotta castrate, ought to sterilize with aldehyde
Always lock in their fates

I got one letter texts
But no Kalashnikovs
That sh*t is just a k
We do like Bogdanoffs

Crash it, can’t be seen
We scramble all
Without the perks it’s just the eggs
We keeping warm when sippin antifreeze

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