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"Returning Intro [Memories]"

[Intro XXXTentacion] You are who you desire to be, There was a point where i wanted to be the villain and its not funny and its not fun people turn but like it it does not attract anything you truly want no one can tell you who you can be so any purpose you have to create your own purpose to.. *beat starts*

[Verse 1] I'm lost Jahseh why did you have to go home so fast can u please hold the gate for me because i will be going home soon [uh huh]

[Interlude XXTentacion And XXXTribute] girl you making it hard for me x3 *girl i will be* who am i someone she is afraid to let go suicide something that i'm afraid to let go i’m sad nd low yea

[Outro XXXTribute] There is someone guiding you through your journey do not let go of the rope yet its not your turn your skin is not paper so don't cut it:)

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