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Missy Elliott

"Hold My Phone #SoGoneChallenge"

[Intro: Soos]
It's ya boy Soos
Marios Adios
Marios Adiosaaa

[Verse: Soos]
Hey, what my pen say, been rapping since 10th grade/
I'm mixing the chops with the kicks 'til my level on sensei/
Currency don't grow on tree, but they still finna spend shade/
Like a dollar in a stack, raining game for the strippers/
No one looking, reel it back, play the State Farm fisher/
I been so long gone/
Cooking beats up in The Kitchen, I make all my own/
True colors when I listen, I just hold my tone/
Cause mothaf*ckas never loved us, ay hold my phone/
It's a timeline of women I messed with/
That walk a fine line between ambition and pregnant/
See all of they yes men, who make an investment/
Who fake and impress them, just to have sex man/
While the next man up in her/
It could be me or that dude that's up in the club with her/
You should get in touch with her, you so long gone/
But that's none of my business, ay hold my phone/
And see a whole bunch of numbers I don't use/
Peep, in a world full of 'maybes' a 'no' is cool/
You see I went and got your digits so that we can hang out/
For a little Pokemon Go and see how it play out/
I walk up and introduce, my name is Soos, I like your face/
And I just drew a blank, did i forget you name? Was it Janel or Grace?/
Quick to judge the kid so when I ask her "what is mine?"/
She answer it with a confidence, fasholy she the kind/
Forget what's on your face, I like the make up of your mind/
When I make my f*cking mind, I'ma make it so you mine/
I was fronting cause I'm out here trying to navigate pimp/
But in the game, ain't no such thing as halfway simps/
They scared (hey)/
And if you knew the things I seen inside my head/
Please believe/

[Outro: Soos]
Haha, ay
Y'all thought I was going to just gon' act hard the whole time?
f*ck nah!
I'm so gone, I'm so gone, so gone
Ay, ay
Yeah yeah yeh
Yeah yeah yeh
Hey hey
Yeah yeah
Just bounce
Yay yeah yeh
Yay yeh, yay yeh

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