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Common Market



…Recognize your right to Push back…

Suffocated by the pressure to perform
And the pressure to produce
And the pressure to conform to the norms
Animated by the pressure to succeed
And the pressure to succ*mb
And the pressure to believe in a cause
Predicated on the pressure to accept
And the pressure to explain and the pressure to perfect
What is inherently flawless, in all this
Recognize your right to push back…

[Verse 1: RA Scion]
I already told you – I am not deterred by fear
See accountability to me is a whole ‘nother theory
So my obedience is not to ever be mistaken
For faith in the creation, but in the fact I am conscious
Of my reliance on the inability of science
To justify sound on the grounds of profound silence
Why then is the molecular configuration labeled ‘secular’
When it’s relegated to a genre?
That which is from the mortal order’s not built to last
Irrespective of the measure of skilled craft
So what Jah bless let no one curse
I coerce the clergy, showin’ no mercy to the pontiff
Yes – and the muezzin’s understandably upset by the clamor
I climbed and tied the banner to the minaret
Don’t forget the pact, and
Recognize your right to push back…

Overwhelmed by the pressure to defer
And the pressure to concede
And the pressure to concur with the words
Illustrated by the pressure to comply
And the pressure to appease
And the pressure to apply
More pressure to your peers
‘til the pressure puts them under pressure
To defend why they choose not to amend
What is inherently gorgeous, in all this
Recognize your right to push back…

[Verse 2:]
Lest ye judge and deem the position extremely biased
Identify me as ‘self righteous’ and ‘pious’
I assail even the stale efforts of the Baha’is
Endeavors have failed to make available Hiphop

To the youth at large, when in truth it’s hard to refute God
Music is conducive to producin’ art
Between you and me, I’m through with stringin’ beads
And singin’ of flowers and waves and leaves – it’s not
That I’m a separatist, my suggestion is: we address the risk
Of giving the impression we missed the point
To progress with the kids – not in spite of ‘em
By request, invited ‘em to bless this spot
So when it must be justice, we clutch this
Clingin’ to the cord – they cannot afford to ignore the value
And when they doubt you
Recognize your right to push back…

Aggravated by the pressure to mature
And the pressure to endow
And the pressure to endure criticism
Generated by the pressure to be numb
To the pressure of the thumb of
The one holdin’ you down, not allowin’ you to
Run from the pressure to be fine
With the pressure to align with
The pressure to abide by the rules
Of the lawless, in all this
Recognize your right to push back…

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