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Common Market

"Winter Takes All"

This ain't no place for a man of faith
I gamble it all away, tumble into fall abased and ablaze
Can’t fault or blame fam, they parade arrays of aid and praise
Saints patronized by the razor blade
Dismayed and fazed and maybe I assay the prize
Stay alive or prepared – scared ain't no way to die
Though if my ache could be assuaged through sin
I’ll make it bleed fate, racing to the gate pleading “take me in,” I’m

Down, unable to prevail unassisted
Will the tempest hail another victim in cyclical rhythm? Please
Break it, ‘cause honestly the lie “I try tirelessly” is cowardice
Powerless am I to fight this avarice, I’m
Down, to give over control, the soul’s solely yours
Deal and dispose, but keep it real close but don’t
Break it, ‘cause they gon’ take it hard if I don’t make it through
And some are reaching for reason to hate you

Time and time again I’ve been told
That a focus on the flaws of man’s off-center ten-fold
Stricken with the winter cold, sipping the burning hot
A spill will blister, learn not to leave skin exposed
Stitch it up and pray the kid recover nice
And I might have if not for daddy’s bad advice
He’s the type to fight God but not a vice
Grip the heater twice as hard – it’s this reality I battle nightly
Even in sleep it seems flight’s unattainable
Upon waking the facial expression deigns a satiable exchange
Weather shades drawn, either side a storm rage on
Patiently the fawn awaits the day the rain’s gone
In my defense I claim it’s obvious I’m not him
Probably it’s the toxin – sorry it’s a lot been unresolved
Sick since six, seen ‘em revolve around a small town
Clique, call it quits – bring all them walls

Down, finally I’ma defeat the rival
With a rifle, writing my epistle titled “try cycle,” I
Break it, so never they perpetuate the malady
Abashedly accommodate mortality, undoubtedly I’m
Down, to reconsider, I’ll stay if you can make a promise though
Please keep it real close and don’t
Break it
I'm warning not strong enough to take it now
And I’m investigating other ways out

We'll rebuild what the bottle destroyed
I’m downhill standing still at the bottom of Roy
Where the pass over 5 look alive much as anything
Cling to the side and any sign of your memory
My creative liberty is tempting me to hasten to the point of penance
We could be rejoined if you employ forgiveness
Sell it all, tell ‘em hell is nothing but a cell wall
I’ma soar even as the shell… fall…
Down, shed not a tear for my exodus
I’m here in the protectorate, the fear I held was delicate, to
Break it, simply took a leap of faith and virtue
Serve through, I never meant to hurt you, for certain I’ll be
Down, to revisit the dearest of my kinfolk
Hold the spirit near, keep it real close but don’t
Break it, the creed is all we got until we meet again
I pray you gon’ make it through the season

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