Queen Kurtis
So Stupid
So Stupid - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Don’t you ever feel sad and lonely?
Don’t you ever feel like you know me?
All I’m tryna do is get you all high
All you’re tryna do is f**k up my vibe

I can’t be around these energy vampires
They light the match but they did not start the fires
I’m tryna make a way
A way for us to stay
Don’t matter what you say
I’m gon f**k you anyway

This is not a merry go round
I’m about to take you all down
No matter what they all say
I’m gon' f**k you anyway
There is no escape from me
In my penitentiary
I can see things no one sees
And I can read your mind with ease

I know that you’ll never wake up
Yes you will never wake up
You are so blind with luck
That I just don’t give a f**k
I’ve had enough of trying to please
People I can never appease
I know all of your secrets, love
And I know that you’re f**king evil

I try to wake you up
But you don’t wanna wake up
I try to show you holy grail
But you’re a faker
You think you’re innocent
You’re killing kids in your car
You’re not even a star
But I’m a f**king superstar
And I am done playing with all these f**king stupid stars
I am your favourite bars
And I’m your favourite rock stars
This sh*t’s so stupid, obviously I’m a pop star
Got shot from cupid, now all I can say is ha ha

Verse 2:
I like to come in different forms
Makes people go in to a storm
I don’t like b*t*hes
They always tend to get st**ches
I don’t know how to explain
Because you are playing tricks on my brain
I can read your mind, yes
I can see your blind, yes
You know what I’m thinking
And you know you’re out of time, yes
Gimme, gimme all
Gimme all you got
You know you’re not hot
I’m f**king Jesus on the cross

So stupid, so dumb
So stupid, so wrong
So obsessed with
You don’t even f**king listen