Queen Kurtis
Hail Mary
Hail Mary - lyrics


Red, blue, fighting with the devil
Find you on another level
I knew I was always clever
No clue, you were never careful

We go to a new dimension
You say I was never mentioned
We stay in a golden mansion
You stay underneath ascension

I just like to look at scenics
While I ride on t-rex
I turn in to a phoenix
I clean you dirty cleanex

I only like green eggs and ham
That’s why I only have 2 friends
And if you do not undеrstand
You do not understand the plan

Yes I havе unlimited power
I know how to make it shower
You just keep on looking sour
While I turn up by the hour
F**k with me
And you will see
That karma is my therapy
Somebody better call police
'Cuz I’m about to burn this lease

Torture me
Lost at sea
I found you
I crowned you
Now there’s no light
In your eyes
Help me breathe
'Cuz I can’t see

Did you think that you could get away?
I just know I wanted us to play
You say I don’t have the upper hand
But I come, yes I come from another land

Mothership, oh can you hear us?
Do you know we love you dearest?
Beam me up, baby, I’ll make sure everyone will see the clearest
Send the locusts from the pit
From Babylon, yes I’m a witch
I cast my spells to shut sh*t down
But you know Imma make you proud

The more you hold me down
The more I’ll make it loud
And don’t you make a sound
Yeah, don’t step on my gown
Been working all day
I think you should retire
I been working on me
To get a little flyer

Yeah you know this Glock unlock when I stare, when I stare
You don’t gotta watch the clock while I’m here, while I’m here
And when you run out of stock, no one cares, no one cares
I might buy a goldilocks for my hair, it's for my hair

I know I can feel you there
Talking to my only fans
Is it real? Am I scared?
When there’s only love and fear

Heard you want crazy? You ain't seen crazy
Couple bombs on me, they go beep, beep, beep
When my girls pull up, on your knee, ee, ees
And when all is said and done we gon' qui qui qui

I won’t be at your party
But we gon’ have to part, see
I can’t be with a nazi
So we gon’ have to all leave

You’re praying on my downfall
You’re nothing but a hound dog
And when I get in spaceship
We all go right to tip top
Got Justin in a lip lock
Got Kanye on the d**k suck
Come on ladies, let’s get in formation up on the Tik Tok