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David Dallas

"My Mentality"

[Verse 1: David Dallas]
Ice running through my veins, I’m the coldest
Give me half a chance I’ll be running with it like I stole it
You would notice if you paid attention properly, ain't playing the lottery
I work with better odds, my favorite game is Monopoly
You copy me, get it? Understand I’m a problem G
Ain’t no stopping me or my movement, man, this is prophecy
This is probably the reason they trying to Sarah Connor me
Or Edward Furlong in the sequel, but no apology
You'll never hear inaudibly come from my lips
Like Beyonce at inaugurations, ain’t gonna say sh*t
Won't be no prerecording it either, I just give them the ether
Freddie up on the feature, you should know the procedure
Fool, don't act like you don't hear the chick singing "it's all yours"
Made me a believer, out to get it at all costs
Like a young mob boss, go getter, going out like this was V for Vendetta
Trend setter, I'm the coldest

[Hook: David Dallas]
You're drawn to the sign
S with the line, through it, bout to fall from the sky
Just some thoughts for the mind
I take a glimpse at the time
What's the plan? Believe the world is mine
And my mentality is money orientated
Money orientated, anything for the paper
And my mentality is money orientated
Money orientated, anything for the paper

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
f*ck the world and everything in it
Driveway full of pink slips, ain't a thing rented
And if we do push that rental then we got them things in it
454 in my motor, work with some change in it
Jumped off that label and started my own sh*t
Don't need no n*gga to hold my di*k, b*tch, I'm all off my own flip
Say my attitude like Nicky from Casino
I'll probably die buried alive, Freddie Tarantino
Keep a shoe box full of rubber bands rocking dope, I'm racked up
Blue kush and fellatio, I lay back in my 'Lac truck
Every n*gga from my hood tryna make 100 stacks plus
Eastside Gary n*ggas, boy, these actors get wrapped up
All I wanna do is smoke a stoggy and get loaded
And go f*ck with my old b*tch and my new ho got demoted
But once I whip this di*k on her, she might just jump back on it
Got my dough ho and my blow right off the coast of California
b*tch, we robbing, b*tch, you holding


[Verse 3: David Dallas]
Money orientated, legacy on my conscience
Long as I did it my way, then f*ck it bro, I ain't bothered
Don't bother popping off with the lips
Like dropping the flame in a Molotov mix
Not in your best in-trest, lit fuse d.dot f*ckin' flame thrower
Hotter than the south beach when King James came over
Painted over your little tags with end to end burners
I've been a quick learner, to win, I went further
Push harder, drive like Sebastian Vettel
Put my foot to the floor so hard that I broke the pedal
Killing everything you think that I made a pact with the devil
Ain't no high strings that you can pull on so f*ck Geppetto
I'm my own puppet master, pour a glass of vodka, sitting in mi casa
You ain't in my clase, you bast*rds, I fathered your style, my ability
Got you sweating me but I never feel the humidity
My AC is on, nothing in this world that can take me on
So pump your brakes, be gone, I'm looking way beyond
What's within my reach, I'm tryina grow my wing span till I got down some beat
From Auckland City, the New Delhi to Gary, Indiana
The world gonna be my oyster and don't come on a platter
If they don't wanna better than I do
Then I'mma keep taking it as long as I'm alive
To try stop me, man

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