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Gotta make another verse
Can't muster up the words
To keep going cuz now i suffer worse
In other words, ill never solve what ever occurs
Im in a lower state than a hundred southerners
But i gotta take it back
Cuz Nowadays im sad
I Dont wanna wait to crack
But i think im breaking bad
Feel I got an aching back
But I think im pacing back
Just To this racing track
Its a weighted lack
My head is fading, black
This whole grenade attack
I think i may detach
From this crew and make a rap
Still im taken back
To each of the places that
Made me hate to laugh
This is all the pain i have

Its just you see that ain’t really liking this life
The way i see it that its just my life's a decline
My head is up in flames i need a firing device
I need to numb the pain of the fighting inside

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