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"Time n Place"

Theres a Time n a Place I Got Money To Make
You FucC w My Family you Dummy I'm Pulling Right Were u Stay
I'm Riding w Shotty He Just Caught a Body Now He Out His Brain
Let's Go Get Mazda n Turn Up The Party So They Kno Our Name

I Remember Them Days I Was In a Cell, No Calls No Letters Body Care, Gotta Watch Who You Trust Cause These n*ggas Tell
Why You Think I Got LocCed Cause them n*ggas Frail
Cnt Even call The Cops Cause Them n*ggas Kill
But I'm Still On The BlocC Trynna Get a mill
I Ain't Never Gone Stop Till We In The Hills
Till We Off The BlocC sh*t Been Real

I Remember Them Days Hopen Fences Beam Jawn On My GlocC w Extention
If He Talk Spin a BlocC We Gone End It
Mater Fact Call The Thot We Gone Plan This Put The Duece In her purse Let Her Manage

I Ain't Talking Nomore I Speak Spanish
Got My Bands Up n n*gga I planned This
Only 11 When I Got MY hammer
I Was Young They Was Doubt But Now a n*gga Flexing They Hating So Much They Cnt Stand This

Verse 2
I Dnt Talk Bout My Problems It Build Up All Alone On Road I Dnt Fear Nun
Same shoes 2yrs I Had To Steal Some
Going Crazy In My Head I Hear Run

But I cnt I gotta stay I Dnt listen
Had Nun a Lot Now Its Different
Im Rember Them Days a n*gga Wake Up No Food No Money I Was Tripping
That's y Its BlocC After BlocC Chop After Chop I Can Not Chnage How I'm Livin
I Was StucC In a Box They Left Me To Rot Ain't Care How I Lived up In Prison

When I Came Home You WANNA Go Smoke
Like FucC You My n*gga Im BacC To Chicken Dnt Ask Me For Me Nun You n*ggas Bluffing why You Wanna Impress Lil b*tches

Thers 2 Manny In The World To Fall Over 1 So You Already Kno I Ain't PicCing

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