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"Ready For Whateva"

Intro: (leme just tell you this babygirl, you all i think about, you on my mind all the time, i said im ready for whateva yea, even if it means we’re together foverer, i said im ready for whateva, ready for whateva)

Hook 1:
I said im ready for whateva
Even if it means we’re together

You’re my boom, you’re are my

You’re my moon so without would
Be bad weather

You’re on my mind all the time and
My friends say "forget her”

But i can't
All these dudes tryna get up in yo pants

I can take you out baby we can dance
We up all night like its trance

Run away with me, we could go to france
Fly away with me, i could be your superman

You needed saving so baby just take my hand
We run it up cuz together cuz got them bands

And we dont got tell em sh*t cuz they understand
I know he’s just a fan all he do is pretend (aha yea all he do is pretend)

Verse 1:
I’m saying me and you to the end’
I dont think they comprehend

We’re a bond we never bend’
This a life-time i comand

Got my word you can depend’
All this money that we’ll spend

They wanna be us so they trend’
Wanna see me im like when?

Beat it up on the weekend’
You’re my drug i am geekin’ (aha yea)

Outro: ( ya, ya, ya, ya, ya ya, im sayin me and you till the end, i don’t they comprehend, we’re a bond we never bend, this a life-time i command, got my word you can depend, all this money that we’ll spend, wanna see me i’m like when, beat it up on weekend, you’re my drug i am geekin’)

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