"Let’s Get Ratchet"

I'm working on dying
Yeah ([?])
Ay ([?])

Hey, how you doin'?
Still ballin' like they hit a Michael Jordan, ay
Up all night, fall asleep in the morning
Phone still ring 'cause she still horny
You ain't good with a thug
b*t*h, I'm a coroner
We f**k when I find ya
I'm a whole bumblebee, like Muhammad
Ah, ah, ah
Don't touch that
b*t*h, I'ma still kick the sh*t like a touchback
Where the fuzz at?
Ah, ah, ah, yeah (Yeah)
That's not him?
When we pullin' up, I ain't talk about Tims
Every [?] n***a, I ain't talk about limbs
When I'm pullin' up, she right there with me
Guilty, but I'm not guilty
Brand new sh*t, not thrifty
Run it up, Peter Parker on the building
Beat a n***a up like filthy
I'ma cash cow, come milk me
n***a, I'm out, come kill me
Penthouse, top of the building
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