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Aye, man, I know I say 'yeah' every time I come on these mu'f*ckin' songs, but f*ck it
That's what I feel most comfortable with
And it's DJ UNCLELIEEKLIEEK, a.k.a. Young Lieek!

I'm on the block with a .48
British n*gga faking, then we gon' shoot his mate
All my n*ggas shooting, I know your shooter ain't
Pew, pew, pew
All my n*ggas get to shooting sh*t
OG down the street, look like Ludacris
Big MAC, you ain't seen a MAC with a cooler kit
f*ck halmes? Stop bluffing n*gga
Glock with a knife, I'ma cut a n*gga
He wrote a statement, can't hang with no sucka n*gga
I got a drac with me, I ain't ducking n*ggas
Scope on the roof--Hey snipe--I'ma pluck a n*gga
Heat in my hand, it look like an oven mitt
Hol', hol', hol'--spin again, he ain't die, he a lucky n*gga
Glock with a knife, stab a n*gga like Chucky with 'em
Catch 'em in rush hour, Chris Tucker with 'em
We already know that n*gga not gon' slide
AR with a scope, I'ma spy
Shoo-Shoota with dreads, look like Lil' Nei
Chop R. Kelly, I believe I can fly
I carried your b*tch, I'ma call her Mariah
These n*ggas fold up when you work the iron
Ooh, where you at, holmes? I think I'm too high
Glo-Glock with a knife, I look like Michael Myers

I'm the best DJ in the DMV, motherf*cker
DJ UNCLELIEEKLIEEK, give it to them, baby

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