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"Xan Flac"

[Verse 1: Xanman]
Young n*gga trap in trenches
Mac wit' a beam like Krillins
Serve em a vic through the fences
Gotta beam on extensions
Big 40 might turn to a (?)
When they facing life these n*ggas start snitchin'
Walk around wit' a chop got me limpin'
Remix yo' man like chemist
James Brown off a xan 'cause I'm feelin' it
Big 40 in my hand like an instrument
Red dot on his head like he Indian
Gotta tre five shot get yo insulin
n*gga tried to walk down and got popped
Walk down two dogs like Pet Smart
Pull up to the trap like a rest stop
I got keys, I got keys like Mozart
Slide in a foreign, pull up in a go-kart
You in the streets we gotta grow up wit' no heart
Slide on yo man wit' a stick like I'm Gohan
Yo man dead we out of town we had no parts
Kaydoo smoke 'em make his grandmother cry
n*gga got no block why is you lyin'
Red beam peep 'em right through the blinds
Trap n*gga sellin' paint while it's dryin'
Beam on a Glock yo' lil' ass get fried
Peter Pan wit' the uzi you flyin'
Tone walk down n*gga you dyin'
You cannot kill what already died
Kaydoo off the lean you know that he leanin'
Walk down on a opp yeah we creepin'
Two poles hangin' out of the Lincoln
Send a location you know we not linkin'

[Verse 2: YSW Flac]
You walk we got drugs like a pop up
Sent a location you know he ain't pop
"Flac where you been?" I was beatin' the block up
Posted down low I feel like Ibaka
Flac hit his sh*t they thought it was soccer
It's tucked in my dip, I ain't have a locker
They pray I fall off, they pray that I'm starvin'
I ain't fallin' off 'cause clientele shoppin'
Ain't fallin' in love these lil' hoes be thottin'
I'm savin' the hood and my n*ggas still robbin'
I ain't cuffin' that hoe cause she got too much problems
Them boys will come get you it ran me a comma
That sh*t his head now he mama lasagna
I highly advise you to stay out my comments
I highly advise you to keep you some armor
Streets ain't fair tell his people we sorry

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