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"Pink, Pt. 2"

Hey, (What the f*ck?)
Hey,  (Bruhh you gay for real bruh get the f*ck)
Hey,  n*gga stop (I got on pink again n*gga)
Hello, hello (And I still got a stick n*gga)
Hello (And I'll still f*ck yo' b*tch n*gga)
Aye  stop f*cking talking like that, 'fore I glass your ass

I  look for the plug like I'm John Carter
Got cigar in my mouth, I'm the Godfather
Leviosa  the plug like I'm Harry Potter
Take your b*tch to an island, it's Total Drama
I'ma hold all the work like it's keep-away
She like "My mom in the house but you need to wait"
Catch  a n*gga in December, it's Jesus' day
Mexican b*tch got a Gomez, Selena face
My grandmother seen me like "How do that TEC work?"
Osama bin Laden, n*gga, how did his jet work?
I'm still in the streets I do not need a lecture
She sucking my di*k, now her lungs and her chest hurt
I've been off the porch since a n*gga was 14
I got Madea in the trunk, good morn-ting
My Mexican plug do no more importing
Front door the plug, n*gga, we 'bout to door ring
I hit the block with the LeBron slammer
Ship the package, think I'm Zon, Ama
In the U-U with that "oh sh*t"
Excuse my French, n*gga, Montana
I pull out the chop and you move like a dog
Real demon, think I'm Belle, Anna
Brightseat Road, by the Shell, Lanham
He smoke your man, he on his Twitter banner
Real sticks, got from Alabama
The chopper rock with the guitar like I'm Hannah
I turn a n*gga into a ghost, Danny Phantom
.38 gon' shoot a n*gga, Wax on the camera
The chopper shoot flakes, I ain't talking 'bout dandruff
Got my wrist shining like a lier, chander
I'ma back door the plug, little b*tch, I'm a planner
Mexican plug do not know good grammar, uh
I made this song 'cause I got pink
Even Wax got on pink behind the camera
Big stick, n*gga, ain't no standards
I run with the pack, I feel like Barry Sanders
Bro stay with the act, but he popping them jammers
Swiper, no swiping, I hang with the scammers
White b*tch, Cosgrove, Miranda
Creep on an opp, I feel like the Pink Panther
Made a song, I'm looking like a pink jammer

I got pink
n*gga, I got pink
I really do that sh*t

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