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"Music For Sad People"

[Opening instrumental]

Yo yo ok yo, yuh, yuh, uhh, uoughhh...
Eat sh*t, yuh
Drink p*ss, yuh
[?], yuh

Oh, nothing like a good bad mood, like:
f*ck the moment and f*ck you too!
Yeah, you made plans
I'll play pretend
All of your friends have abandoned you!

Always a downer
Enough with the frowns
And talking 'bout death and stuff
If people don't stay, then you can't really blame 'em
When being around you f*cking sucks!

This sh*t's synthetic
Fancy pathetic
A rhetoric fetish
Hands wet red with the blood from the severed heads
b*tch, who's keeping count when the trend's all diminished
All about the finish, no journey
Damn, who hurt you?
No, who hurt me?
Callin' out for answers
Hiding behind laughter
Boy, you're gonna crash and burn, we're worried!

And now you're hyper-paranoid
Hating all the things you used to enjoy
Think I've grown quite tired of the noise
Don't ask me how I've been
It's all the same:
p*ssing in the wind again
Find me in the dark
Dancing in the rain
All about theatrics and evil
Always listening to music made for sad people!


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