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John Cena

"John Cena rap battles a WWE fan"

Yo, Cena!

[John Cena]
What you got here man? What you got here?

Man, Cena, your stuff is wack
You're just a white boy who thinks he's black
You ain't the real deal
You need to get your butt down to the show to get yourself a free meal
And what's the deal with this "World Life"?
You're just a poor white boy with no wife
Aw Cena, don't cry and pout
Looks like Kurt Angle's gonna make you tap out

[John Cena]
That freestyle was wack I couldn't wait for it to end
I got no wife, but you got a boyfriend
What you gonna do, tryin' to battle with me?
Rip you in front of your crew like, "It didn't happen to me"
The difference is: I'm real and you're phony
My style's fat, like Siragusa, Tony
Yo what you gonna do? You can't hurt me
A threat from both sides of the plate, like Eddie Murray
But don't worry, I get straight up in your face
It's John Cena, 'bout to blow the roof off the place
It's No Mercy, so don't worry, I'm dirty
I'll bleed you 'til you burgundy, what? Yo, you can't hurt me
I physically murdered G's
Yo, it's absurd to me you can't see this
With telescopic lenses
I'm crazy like twenty-inch rims on them Benzes
You don't think I can rap? You calling me black? What's up with that?
Yo, I teach you straight how to act
Yo this is ill, this John Cena's committee
You from Baltimore but I straight run the city
Down and gritty, yo, it's time to get dirty
Wave your hands up I don't care if you're four or thirty!
What's up?!
Yo, that's right, that's right, baby
'Cause I'm ill like a sick metaphor
Got the crowd chanting "Cena" like they want some more
Yo, hand in front of my face, "you can't see me"
You probably heard me rip MC's on 92.3
That's right, hold up your hands, wave 'em high
That was a nice diss but it was a wack ass try
You can't fly with me, C-E-N-A
It's a freestyle rap, baby, we don't play
I come off the dome like every day
Come at you from both sides like lesbian threeways
What up?!

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