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Lil Keke

"Evil That Men Do"

Yeah, I don't owe you n*ggas sh*t man
Y'all got a real n*gga f*cked up
I'ma let you n*ggas have it, one time check it

When you live with the rats, you kill all the roaches
They wanna stop me, but they plan is hopeless
I ain't perfect I'm human, my n*gga I sin too
But it's a motherf*cking shame, the evil that men do

[Lil' Keke]
Let me talk to ya, let me tell you a story
Bout money bout fame, bout fortune bout glory
I've been there, when the times got worse
I don't owe you n*ggas sh*t, let me say that first
Over the last past months, you know it's been a lot of bumping
Snitching talking, griping mumbling
I'm cool with that, don't be a fool with that
You gone make me have to go, and get a tool with that
I'm 5"9, a hundred seventy five try it
CMG in the building, don't make me start a riot
My n*gga T-Baby, he told me a long time ago
n*gga go on get your cash, don't even worry bout it bro
My n*gga Russ one love, cause we go so far
He told me never sweat the battle, cause we winning the war
My n*gga Poof Pop, no games no pity
Told me Ke' I got your back, you the coldest in the city
My n*gga M-Dawg, you know he quick to go off
He say Don I'm riding wit ya, till the wheels fall off
My n*gga Hard-D, he got me chasing a dream
He say Ke' it's on you, you quarterbacking the team
My n*gga Big H.A.W.K. big brah, you know where it's at
It's one hundred to the end, we gotta do it for Pat
My n*gga Tip-Toy, say this the one right here
He say Ke' it's your place, and your time and year
My n*gga J.B., he fell right up in line
Cause we 24 hour fit, and it's the click on I
Seven wet and 2-2, man you know what it do
Cause I love y'all n*ggas, and y'all love me too
Lil' C-A.G., man you know how it go
It's CMG-S.U.C., plus Sean Solo
Herschelwood, and I'm the Lil' Keke
And I be steady representing, for the 7-1-3

[Hook - 2x]

The evil, that men do
It's a motherf*cking shame, the evil that men do
The evil, that men do

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