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Lil Keke

"Still Throwed"

Ok, late night grinding
Understand, Young Don in the building
Of course, a n*gga still throwed with it
C.M.G. for life, Teflon feel it

[Lil' Keke]
I've been told I can't do it, mostly all my life
I done crapped plenty times, but kept shooting the dice
You don't work and don't eat, it's a sacrifice
That's why n*ggas go to jail, and they turn to mice
Eat steaks and kool-aid, not no water and rice
And my family live good, cause we paid the price
Could you still be a rapper, without no ice
I was born with a gift, that's why I flow so nice
I'm a two-time felon, so I f*cked up twice
So I switched up my game, not to get three strikes
No I can't win 'em all, but I done won some fights
And I still smoke weed, on my sleepless nights
Why n*ggas acting like, they don't know wrong from right
And why they steady trying to ball, when they money is tight
I'ma peel n*ggas back, when they good and ripe
Cause they just a bunch of talk, trying to find some hype

I know I'm thoed with it, and I ain't gon let 'em change my mind
A kid writing raps, turning nickels into dimes
I been thoed with it, but they steady talking down
Continue dropping hits, till it's my motherf*cking time
Still thoed with it, won't these haters let me shine
I'm hungry for the title, close it up and give me mine
So thoed with it, like it's all brand new
Represent for Houston Texas, my n*ggas that's what it do

[Lil' Keke]
n*ggas screaming in the background, f*ck Lil' Ke
But when I see 'em in the streets, they start copping a plea
I give a fat rat's ass, what they say bout me
And my mama told me, Jesus the only thang that's free
Still thoed with it, cause what's real gon be real
And rapping ain't a hobby or a game, it's a feel
I'm puffing on the purple, letting the smoke hit my throat
Letting the pen hit the pad, then it's murder he wrote
Got a candy coat, it put my slab on note
With them suicide do's, and them 84 spokes
Here's a message boy, from a Texas boy
C.M.G. is the truth, you'll be breathless boy
Don't even test us boy, never charging sh*t
All I'm saying is I'm grown, don't make me kill ya b*tch
So excuse my french, but n*ggas do get lynched
And my team wins game, in the motherf*cking trench


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