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Lil Keke

"A Moment of Silence"

Po' out some liquor, for my n*gga J.B
You lost your brother, but you still got me
Still got Ke', Manny, Shen and C-E-D
And our other brother, A.M.D
Can I please, have a moment of silence
For all my n*ggas, that's been lost in violence
And my n*ggas, from the Dead End Alliance
From the homies to the hoes, to my old school clients
A reminder, for my kin folk Chris
I really hate, you had to experience this
Sack will be missed, but also Sack will be p*ssed
If you don't, take care of your sh*t
To my Grandma, Elouise
To this day, the pain ain't eased
For you I be, and baby girl please believe
What you taught me, I'm teaching my seeds
And I sho', miss my homeboy Skully
I miss my buddy, my n*gga use to keep that lovely
I reminisce, about Duke in the lab
And all the times, we use to smoke and laugh
A few words, for my baby for Heather
It's gon get better, your friendship will last forever
Don't ever say never, cause one day you'll be together
We gon make it, through the stormy weather
Can I please, have a moment of truth
To the parents, of the fallen troops
And new recruits, and 21 gun salutes
Y'all kids, are really the truth
One love, for my partner Big James
I love you mayn, I know that you love me the same
Mama Bam, I'ma miss you ma'am
My love, to the Louis Fam'

(*Quan - 2x*)
As day comes, and night falls
For the rest of our lives, we'll miss y'all
And even though life most go on, we still mourn
While I'm wishing, y'all were home

[Lil' Keke]
I got a purpose community service, never nervous
Jewelry and cars, it's all material and worthless
I tightened up my game, cause them white folks looking
And they wanna keep tabs, on the grams that I'm cooking
I lost my old man, 'fore we talked like grown men
He died of lung cancer, with them cigarettes and gin
My T. Lady got shook up, they say it's all genetic
The ratio of AIDS, keep rising so pathetic
I'm hurting inside, I'm trying to still keep a smile
Three time felon, because my young life was wild
Six feet deep, that's where them soldiers lay
We done po'd enough liquor, kneel down and pray
When the devil on your back, and he won't let go
Then you go to church Sunday, and you sit front row
I got stabbed in the back, but I kill with kindness
You breathe for a minute, take a moment of silence


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