A$AP Ferg

"G Code"

[Intro: Young Thug]
Me and Metro, up late night man, [?] be in here too
We just high as hell, we just recording
Let's do it

[Chorus: Young Thug]
Only keep a bag for the rest of streets on the road
In love with my dog, I'ma feed 'em nothin' but pesto
I'm not from N-O but I'm stickin' to the G Code
Call 'em, let 'em know that I'm on the road with a load
Come tell my doggy to be fired like you in loads
When it come to Actavis, I'm a J just like Cole
Stack it to the ceiling, man, you know that sh*t gon' fold
Ran up my money, I ran it up like I know
Run it up

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Oh-oh, run it up
Sell Backwoods, we hustle
I need weed, I need lean, it's a must
Catch a ho, leave her stained, no must
Ooh, n***a money long like a bus
f**k the other side, they ain't leanin', they ain't drinkin' Tuss'
Ooh, n***a b*t*h wanna f**kin' lust
Ooh, and I'ma pay for her school
n***as sick of takin' Ls, he never renewed
I put birds inside a car, now that's a chicken coupe
C4 bleedin' like a fool, I'm too damn bool
Bought a mink and put it on like I live at the zoo
Hannah Montana, got me muggin' and bustin'
Got a crush on my cousin
YSL 'til I'm dead and dusty, I promise it's nothin'
Whole lot of hunnids, lot of bills in a rubber band, I keep 'em by the dozen
And your mink ain't real, call 46 hundred, and it's kinda fluffy
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