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Lyrics from snippet

[Verse 1]:
Hold up bro, see a opp right now
Lil bro got a K tryna' slide right now
You play with the gang gotta' die right now
Yeah we gonna' put him in the sky right now
I told Tec just meet me at Saks
Need them new Prada slides right now
Weird ass n*gga he gettin' blocked now
b*tch see I'm up, now she want some clout now
Talkin' that sh*t XD get to huffin' n' puffin'
Blow ya' lil' ass hoes down
You want Celine, Chanel, and Amiri, okay
We can go get this sh*t right now
You want the finer things
Oh you want designer things
Oh you want the shiny things

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