Field* lyrics


[Intro: Autumn!]
Woah, woah

[Chorus: Autumn!]
Mama told me i'm a legend in the making
Music or juggin' don't know how i'm gonna make it, yea, yuh
Ha, for real though, yuh
n***a want smoke we gon kill bro
Big bro still in the field though, woah
Still tryna count up a mil' though, woah, woah
All red coupe with the engine in the rear though, woah
These n***as lame, they weirdos, woah
Other n***as nah I don't fear those, yea
M's in the bank, yeah i'm near those, yea
Still tryna cop me a benzo
Nah we ain't f**kin' with the rentals, nah

[Verse: Vonte*]
Huh, yea, nah we ain't f**king with the rentals
All black coupе yea the SL Benzo
Talkin' that sh*t gеt popped like a pimple
I get a bag lil boi that’s the memo
I get a bag, lil boy its so simple
Lil Huncho quick flip count it up tenfold
Boy I’m on big sh*t, these n***as little
Yeah, yeah, huh, yeah
He got a stick boy we know that boy ain't spraying
All on her knees, but that b*t*h ain't praying
Came with a beam, n***a we ain't playing
Left ya momma praying, these n***as they be playing
Don't wanna talk, these n***as they ain't paying
Ha, ha, they like vonte* how you do that, good dope move that
Oh you gotta a stick, huh shoot that
G26 make a lil n***a move back
Yea, move back
Yea, knew that
n***as be broke, I knew that
n***as be broke, I knew that

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