Private Jet! lyrics


[Intro: Autumn!]
Woah, woah, woah
It's Surreal Gang Lil b*t*h haha
Eddie Gianni

[Chorus: Autumn!]
Woah, whats that on my teeth, baby thats diamonds
Richard Millie plain, perfect timing
On a lil PJ, baby i'm flying
Tramadol, Tramadol high as a pilot
I don't trust these hoes, they got mileage
Lil ass pockets they childish
These lame n***as so childish
She say Autumnar you so stylish

[Verse: Vonte*]
Ha, I need some bands hit up Weiland
Yea, these lil n***as be wilding, huh
That lil hoe off a molly
Lets go hit up follies
She gon pop it like a Olly
I'm gon beat it up like Ali
Damn, that's another body
Christian Dior on my shoes
Baby girl im way too rude
Came in this bih with my troops
Came-Came with a blick, i'm gon shoot
Ksubi jeans, don’t rock no trues
.223 right at your roof
R-R-RPMs right through the roof
Yeah! yeah! yeah!
(Eddie Gianni)
Woah! woah!
Perc 10, yeah ok
Semi, yeah ok
100 bands, uh ok
(It's Surreal Gang Lil b*t*h haha)
Lean, lean, lean, ok
Try me we gon spray
I can't go out sad no way, no

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