Incase lyrics


[Verse 1]
Might as well go send the ...
Cause I know these n***as always be watchin' me
I might just go do some rich n***a sh*t
And spend 50 or 60 on one or two watches
XD go 5 or go, when I pop him
This n***a still the same? Then we gon stop him
Won't send his addy, its cool bro we got it
He try to play me? Ok that is not it
Say less we on him, say less we found him
She told me ...

[Verse 2]
Honestly bro I'm just droppin' this sh*t
Cause the Ills Verront check was the fattest deposit
Can't understand how a n***a who never met me always got some sh*t to say to me
Talkin' crazy likе n***as don't know that you ain't bout sh*t
Do anything for some clout
Its ok cause my n***as really on somе shoot up your house sh*t
She want a Birkin I told that b*t*h "buy it yourself"
She just want the bag on some clout sh*t
Ion give two f**ks bout the internet
Try me in person might slay on that jump in the crowd sh*t
Whip full of Zaza whip full of zaza
Yours full of haha, we on that loud sh*t
We in the high rise, he work at Five Guys
Still tryna talk down? He on some clown sh*t

[Verse 3]
My choppa big as the head on DaBaby
Incase a n***a want some sh*t with some BOP in it
Came in this b*t*h with a Prada bag right on my shoulder
Don't tell em but I keep a Glock in it
This ho so pretty might buy her a Bently
But she talk too much so that b*t*h put a sock in it
I'll kill ya mother, ya brother, ya father, ya cousin
We find out the opps you're rockin with
I feel like Wayne cause I want me a milli' a milli' a milli'
But that still ain't stoppin' sh*t
We just touched down in New York
Finna go do my milli', my milli', my milli', my rockin' sh*t
Remember those days it was Fruit of The Loom and them boxers Supreme and my t-shirt was Burberry
Gave you a ...

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