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"Red Juice"

Hi, Kevin

[Sample: Charlie Wilson & Brenda Lee]
I know you're tired of lovin', of lovin'
With nobody to love, nobody, nobody (Uh-huh, honey)

[Verse 1: fatboibari]
Walk in that bih' like I'm me
That b*tch so bad, I'on think she can see
Pop a Perc' with the weed and it got me all weak
She say she in love, I'on think it's all me
You see my cream, that's the girl I'ma keep
Shawty broke my heart, that's a bad heartbeat
I'on think love cost, I'on think it's real cheap
Ain't lookin' for the love, but I know it ain't free

[Interlude: Janet Jackson]

[Chorus: fatboibari]
Love ain't free, girl, f*ck with me
She was mad all night, she was mad at me
I'ma leave you alone, I don't want you to worry
That's a whole 'nother gram for a story
Girl, open that door, you gon' let it all out
We can leave this world, we gon' have to have doubts
Without you, might just take the wrong route
I'll give it all up, no need for the clout, like

[Verse 2: fatboibari]
We can dance in the rain in the moonlight
All I wanna do is hold you on cold nights
Ass up, head down on the floor, right
You can call me on ya phone, make you feel right
Dad catch me hangin' out, he gon' spaz out
He don't really even care what you care about
Me and you on stage with a big crowd
He like it better when you quiet, he don't like loud

[Outro: Janet Jackson]
Any time, baby
Any place, I

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