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Yun Head


[Chorus: Minecraft King27]
Just like a parkour I am running up, (Oof) I'm running up
PVP boy, you’re a runner-up, a runner-up
Caught arrows blazing, can't be shootin' us, our swords are cut
We’re armored up with diamonds in the cut, all golden stuff

[Verse 1: Minecraft King27]
I'm run it up with lapis in the pan
I'll make a stand with diamonds in my hand, you understand?
All diamond everything, I ain't your friend, don't play again!
Or you'll be causin' friends a massacre, I slay again
We swing at anything that's coming in
Seeking, I’m going
Griefing anything that’s showing
Swim directly through the ocean
On a journey with the motion
Kill the M-O-Bs, the motive
Gamemode 3 is gay, I told you
I'm a simple man, you understand, realize I’m homophobic
Don't join me again
Don't join my clan
I'll find the game up in and I’ll change my skin. (What you say?)
Confuse him, PVP them
Got them beat, they all dead (What you say?)
I steal every gem, I'll chest it in (What you say?)
You'll be sad when they're all gone again (What, what, what, yeah)

[Chorus: Minecraft King27]
I am running up, I'm running up
PVP boy, you're a runner-up, a runner-up
Caught arrows blazing, can't be shootin' us, our swords are cut
We're armored up with diamonds in the cuff, all gold and stuff (You ain't shoot at me, nah)

Grab the Dragon by his boots, Ender Dragon in the booth
Tip her like I'm moving fruit, getting lapis through the truth
Outta my way, outta my mind!
Outta my ore, outta my mine!
Redstone only for the highlight, automatic
With the nine line, first floor, I'm a mansion, it's a highlight
In the jail with the ransom, it is not my life
It is not my life, I can just respawn and it'll all be fine
I can be online, playing anytime
Play the clock, break today, break it today, break the block
Make your way, make your way, make your mayday, oh my God stop
Thinking of head full of money, thinkin' I'm joking but I am just running
You thinkin' I'm joking but I'm gettin' diamonds
You thinkin' I'm slain but hell nah I ain't done (Ayy)
Built a mansion, wicked flows, they're rancid
Sticks and stones and hatchets, making useful gadgets
I will end all dragons, start shifting all my property
You mess with me, you will receive the nicest plays, get off of me!
I'm possibly, I'm opporsine
Gotta get the creeper and my house on scene
Drinking a bottle of enchanted speed
And I really don't even know what inertia means
So taking escervated ain't good for me, man
Making pork and baked goods, steak and things
(Her, her, her, her, hee)
My soul, little boy tryin' to be too bold
Leather for the colder weather
Getting gold in nether, getting roady
Getting sick, and I'm getting no but I am getting started and mind control
By the thinning voices in my soul, oh my notch, oh look at the time
Time to find another kid to go mine
In the end, yeah I'm out of my mind
In the end, yeah I outta be fine

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