Yun Head

"​city bus"

Yun Head, Obama loves you!

The wheels on the bus go hard like a disco
When I eat a burger out the fridge, kinda is cold
Long time ago but now I gotta let go
Went into the store and I looked at the cellphone
That sucks man I hope you get a better life
I'm at home like a 10 pound bag of rice
Bust down, real bad, now I'm outta sight
Get your mind back [?]
(Turn down)

Hold up wait a minute let's go back
That's the sound of the train
Kinda is so sad
Yeah I like trains (Trains)
And I like turtles (Turtles)
But I like it when they sing in a Persian language

I can't burn the house down like the bus
While I was at the bus
I was sitting at a weird angle
I saw a baby cat after that
I was like "what?"
I don't care for animals
They deserve to eat butt, yeah
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