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Melanie Martinez

"99 Cent"

[Verse 1]
I had pinwheels in my eyes for you
Blinded by the pinks and blues
Oh, you were my wind-up Romeo
We had matching bubblegum tattoos
Serenade me with your kazoo
You tricked me with your ribbons and your bows

It's so shiny in a shopping cart
Pretty in a parking lot
But when you go home
That's when it falls apart

I still think about you sometimes
Only when I walk through the 99 cent store
You sold me all those cheap lies
Could've built me a whole 99 cent store

[Verse 2]
Wine and dine me with your plastic food
Robbed me of my sweet tooth
Held me up with a loaded water gun
Tied me to these toy train tracks
You left me there and you never came back
Tacky souvenirs when it's said and done
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