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Melanie Martinez

"Dear Diary"

Thought I'd never say this but
Over time it’s been on my mind
I can't seem to escape your reality of
How you think I should live my life
So I've been contemplating and overthinking bout’
What my next move should be oh
I write my thoughts down and try to let it go but
You never seem to let me be
So I say

Dear Diary
Where will this life take me?
Am I really going to end up where they tell me?
Or am I going to be free?
The constant manipulation has me torn?*

*This is a leaked song from After School, it's official and I have just about all the songs from the EP, this is just what I heard although these might not be the official lyrics. i could've possibly got some of the words wrong. Anyway, enjoy the lyrics from this snippet :)
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