Trademark Da Skydiver
My Word
[Verse 1: Young Roddy]

Life... (Uh)
And I ain’t never missed a beat
I thought I been on for being a beast on these beats
But not quite is looking like the joke’s on me
And if I ain’t got next you can tell the industry is beef
Like a pussy on a 6 feet freak that shit get deep
And to the ones deceased, rest in peace
Got you, cold heart but spit fire
Apply pressure n***a with no pliers
Block burner, Roddy a top shotta
I got the heart of a tiger, no lion
Quiet, you know gangster move in silence
I stay D Boy fresh with no stylist
They hate to see you make it from the bottom
I try to make it honest
I tried to get a job, but ain't nobody hire
So back to the block to buy a bag of the chronic
Pass me my lighter, posted and pimping
This what we call survival
We hustle till we off
And I reside in a spot called ??? louisiana
Y’all might never heard about that (Oww)

[Verse 2: Trademark Da Skydiver]
Cut from a different cloth, I’m a rare breed
Real n***a and a villain check my rap sheet
From the booth to the streets, I keep it g
I only speak on what I know, and the shit I seen
Move quiet, avoid fake n***as by all means
No stress, I stay chilling I be on ease
Loud green and the paper’s got me on lean
Me against the world when I’m on the scene
That’s my attitude when n***as act like they mad at you
For doing you, they don’t have a clue
Or maybe they expect the less of me, like I ain’t got the recipe
This destiny just let it be
I’m coming for the top n***a
I deserve a spot n***a, can’t tell me I ain’t hot n***a
But don’t get it twisted mang
Look I ain’t bitching mang, take the good with the bad n***a
Continue living, no fucks given
Look I’m still winning despite that
And I’ma keep moving just like that
And I know you fuck n***as don't like that
Jet Set, the empire strikes back

You n***as know what it is
Mingo my lingo bitch
Already n***a
Never gave a fuck, never will