Trademark Da Skydiver
Stay Up
[Verse 1: Young Roddy]
And I stay fly like my Harlem n***as
She say she like the way I talk
She like New Orleans n***as
It's crazy when yo mama be yo father figure
It's crazy when ya father don't wanna be bothered with ya
Fuck him, but screw this up like my Houston n***as
Man they hate to see you ballin ? they do it n***a
You be the n***a actually tryna shoot a n***a
Free my cousin ? till we meet, keep it coolie n***a
Strapped down like I'm livin down in Chi-town
Fuck what yo watch say n***a it's my time
I used to freestyle with my dogs, now I'm worldwide
I told her if I ever fall, hold yo dog down
Ridin' with a loaded choppa like my Cali n***as
Gotta pocket full of stones like my ? n***as
Shittin on every track, where yo manners n***a
Stuntin hard on a fuck boy they can't stand a n***a

[Verse 2: Trademark Da Skydiver]
Stay up on my grind like my trappin’ n***as
Just tryna make a hundred million off of rap my n***a
Paint a picture perfect with the verses
If they can’t see my vison than my words is worthless
Hit LA for the winter playa
Smoking nuggets out in Denver, high as the himalayas
Strangers lookin at me flagrant cus they smell the fragrance
Of that OG, keep it so G, watch me get this paypa
Better livin is the mission on the quest for millions
Still got visions of the penthouse with the ?
Illegal dealings stackin legal tenders to the ceiling
Grind harder ? Trade love his children
Need my pockets fat like preachers, Amen if you feel it
Smash these bitches when I'm finished they say I'm the realist
Forever chillin, real n***a livin out his lyrics
Stackin figures, whippin 16's like a chemist
[Outro: Young Roddy]
Damn right, n***a show you right (x4)
Jet Life, n***a Jet Life (x2)
Damn right, n***a show you right (x2)