Trademark Da Skydiver
{Verse 1: Trademark Da Skydiver}
I'm slightly woozy off the doobie
Figuring how I'm a start this shit
N***as sleeping on the villian
I kill em with my accomplishments
Polishing up my lyrics
This ain't no gimmick Trademark is monstrous
I'm the king of this regime
I don't need you to call me ,bitches
Oh no, kneel down and pay homage kids, n***as sleeping on me
I'm about to throw water on all these mattresses, mattresses
Flow so on point it's immaculate, mastered it and crafted it
I'm so ahead of the class with it
My aura in this massiveness Will dominate your averageness
Them candy bars you spitting can't compare to my savageness
Thinking you ahead of Trade in any way is backwardness
I ain't even started going hard, I'm still practicing
Head band strapped on, floating out the atmosphere
Trademark, or T.M.S.D. is the acronym
Mama break that kush down, grab a cone and pack it in
Light it up, inhale, exhale, blow it in the wind

{Hook: Trademark Da Skydiver}
Jet Set we back again, going hard giving our all
Trying to get a win
Never stressing over chicks or ends
Light it up, inhale, exhale, blow it in the wind
{Verse 2: Young Roddy}
They scared to death when a broke n***a get focused
Been living in this ghetto, around these hoodrats and these roaches
Trying to make a fortune, stack that right under they noses
But everybody nosey and hoping ain't nobody know dis
But everybody watching while I'm trying to count my profit
I'm outside looking in, I'm like fuck it leave them knocking
Without no scale, I weigh my options
I hear em but it's hard to see n***as who stand behind us
Raw so you think I got a style you can't copy
And I got my own gear that I'm designing holler
And to these rap n***a I'm a problem
Honest I fell off, but bounced back, proper
Hydraulics, came up and I stayed up
This time I got it, I told them I'm a go hold that shit down, I promise
And that's something I ain't breaking for nobody
I'm good on this plane, my main man's the pilot, out


{Verse 3: Curren$y}
Yeah n***a I'm bent, money well spent, industrial strength
Pepe le pew scent, old Burberry print's on my umbrella
High fashion, weather shelter
I am flyer than delta, repeatedly I tell you
Live from my wine cellar, I'm a rhyme seller
Sky dweller, grime level, never
Weed smoke sweet as rose pedals, mama I can show you better
But don't get attached, cause I never show you settle
My latest addiction has been additions to my bezel
And I thought I was past that, jewelry and flash crap
Probably won't wear it, I just felt I should have that
Storage, safety deposit box for it
Just right like the baby bears porridge
Top scorers, you could go and ask your Whores
If you trill, go and light one for us, yeah