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Trademark Da Skydiver

"Phone Home"

[Hook: Styles P and Trademark]
I'm high, you high, 7 grams in the raw cone
Jet Life high tell the lil' n*gga phone home
It's a doobie movie n*gga and we all stoned
Yeah the cars and the jewels, they all chrome

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Ugh, Andretti Carleone
Track pants, flip flops, NBA socks 458 Ferrari
(the itsy b*tches prolly came out?) Im sorry
Magazines write about the crew that you been knew of
But they just findin out we always was the coolest
This hustle is grueling but us n*ggas stay moving
Always into
The only way to come out it with the loot is
Make sure your glass bulletproof around them shooters
Gruesome, with that jealousy I make them pus*y n*ggas do ya
Leg room stretchin, star wars Lexus, steamin my veggies

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