End of the year v5 lyrics


I'm upside down
Never safe and never sound
Can't get away, that's from the crowd
Got 24 until I'm found
They really giving me a crown
The coup d'état is on myself
Come take my life, that's with the knife
Up in the back and then I'm out

I hate the law, I hate the cost
I hate taking the Tylenol
To kill the fall, I'm off the wall
On top the wall, inside the wall
I'm everywhere, yet nowhere at all
At all, at all, at all

All in all, I guess it's been a good ride (stop lying)
Except for all the bad times
Walking in on her and him while listening to j-lo rockin' halftime
Yeah, that's fine

The bad guy, the bats fly
Over my head, for no reason, screeching
Make me feel like I'm turning into a demon, a heathen
Got fire leakin' while I'm speaking, my high my is peaking
My diaphragm, isn't raising, I'm pacing, "what's the meaning?"
Tryna breathe but I can't
I wanna scream but I can't
Go find the secant, I can't
Go write a sequel, I can't
Go type a paragraph and mean it
I'm fiending for colder seasons
The weather is getting hotter
The world is talking facetious

So cantankerous, I got a problem with my pancreas
I feel like I'm an alien
I'll end up getting played again
I'll send her twenty messages
Cuz she's stuck in my head again
Now she's up in my bed
I punch the wall because I'm settlin'... down (down)

There I go, someone melt the snow
Come and get the rope, on my neck
But it's set in stone, thought I wanted this
I guess I don't, don't leave me alone
Body limp, that's my final pose
In my finest clothes
Ain't seen the world from this high
Clarity in blue skies
Finales make me feel alive
This is "end of the year v5"

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