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Yung Turk


She said I ain't sh*t
I said have some patience
Its really bout the journey not the destination

Decisions got you worried
Likes wheres the gonna go
I told’er it dont matter baby lets hit the road

Baby lets the road
We gon just to figure it out
My people been telling me no
But the one I’m feeling now

Yeah you got me thinking out loud
You got me switching my sound
You got me feeling so high
So high that I might not come down

But I don't wasting no time
So imma get right to the business
She wanna come back in my life
Cuz she seeing how I been living

But everything that goes up’s gotta come down at some point
So when I’m back our town you better not be with them f*ckboys

Verse 2:
You thinking bout where this gon go
Well girl it looking like were in the same boat
Drowning in questions but staying afloat
Avoiding the answer that both of us know

Spreading like cancer but good for the soul
It hurts like a thorn when close to the rose
Cutting so deep it’ll heal as we go
I just jump into things and just see how they go

But in this the problem lies the solution
Not the type to think ab it I just do it
I gotta reputation cuz I’m way to foolish
But my gut smarter than any human

So I trust it harder even tho its proven
To get me in more trouble than I can probably chew on
I’m just tryna be on the same page that you on
I’m givin out my heart like you done had a coupon

In this life man it's all bout the journey
But it ain't that clear no it's murky
Won't let this sh*t hurt me, I’m busy I stay in a hurry
Lets lose track of time like my watch isn’t working

Yeah she said I ain't sh*t
Then I asked her what does that make her
I guess you ain't sh*t too
So whats me plus you
I dont need no damn calculator

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