Studio Yuraki

Cannot contain the climax of my life oh so twisted
Feeling the surface tension start to rise
As it tightens up, tearing me apart
Can’t help but scream out in anger, stirring up the silence you’ve held
Such is this hidden nature, full of hatred as it’s unveiled
Balancing on a fraying rope
Will you just hold your breath while you just pray and hope?
Or will you take a chance, run before it snaps?
Either way, the choice is all just another trap
Trust in yourself, follow your heart
I will not return, I won’t regret the choice I madе
I will change this world as we know it
Even if thе hidden truth I find is harsh
It’s so stained in disaster - the world is full wrath and hate
I will tame all the sins that bloat it
To find the voice that I can hear within my heart
I’ll mimic a heartless song
And await the ruthless gong
Starting to sense the filth that taints my soul, once so vacant
Feeling my ring of shame that kept control start to break apart
Carefully walking the line that separates the wrong from the right
Feelings I tried to confine pummel into it as they collide
Watching the castle debris as it shakes
Should embellish it still, pretend it’s all okay?
Can I be the judge of the depths that we’re in?
Can I be the one to guide us away from sin?
Just look up high
Open your eyes
We cannot return
It’s just two sides that make a whole
Now the future’s cloudy and tangled
But I will be the one who turns it all around
I’ll keep fighting - A blaster
Of evil, corrupting the soul
I will never let our fate be gambled
Until I cut off all the grief that weighs us down
Then I’ll finally rest my soul
Understand the lies we’re told
And destroy the causeless flow
Fighting to a hopeless draw

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