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"Best For You"

[Verse 1]

I think my best friend thinks I've changed
Can't hack that we are not the same
Life just put us in different lanes
Truth is, I love him all the same

I think my ex just wants to talk
Her worst fear is to be ignored
Saw you with him and you looked bored
No going back, our love is tortured

I think my mum just wants some space
Camden Town we was bored and raised
Single mum, she was never fazed
Wonder if she misses him the same

I think that Yamta saw the vision
Since he passed, we've been on a mission
Stop drinking lean, I wish she'd listen
She believed in us, it was written

[Chorus] x4

I just want the best for you
And I know
That deep down you want the best for me (for me, for me)
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