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Nino Man

"Party Time"

[Intro: Jadakis & Nino Man]
It's party time
Oh, it's party time
Havin' a party
Come on
Oh, they still think we playin'
Yo Kiss, they still think we playin', B
Aight, watch this
Nino Man

[Verse 1: Nino Man]
These n***as is lost, they even run around with fake Sour
How these n***as washed and they don't even take showers?
Settin' up yourself if you plot try'na take ours
I give a n***a eight (that's it?) to the eighth power
I don't like to play sh*t, I even cut recess
The game wasn't over, we just had to press reset
If you ain't sleepin' with your hammer, you ain't have beef yet
Homebodies, y'all nobody, that's word to Keith Sweat
They call me new Harlem, I'm a man of the town
I was outside trappin', you was standin' around
You was givin' cops pounds, they was pattin' me down
Try'na charge me like they battery down
Can't be mad at these clowns
n***as know deep inside that I'm in
I don't see the shade they throwin' 'cause I'm lit
I know sh*t ain't workin' out for you but I'm fit
Kill one of my dawgs, I'mma turn into John Wick
No negative vibes, you can't stop me
Try'na take care of the fam', you can't knock me
From where it been goin' down, you can't Joc me
My whole family hood, ask Rodney
Buy my green like a leprechaun
I'mma artist so I gotta keep the weapon drawn
Since a youngin' I been cookin', y'all was preppin' wrong
In this game, that's law, I get my Tekken on
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