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It's [?] on the beat, [?]

[Verse 1: Yung Add]
I am jumping, I am singing
I am going in your mom, she is ringing
Yeah, and look, I'm at your door
I bet that you are very poor, and
Have you been into the town?
Have you gone all around, have you seen the town
An ant makes a mound
Do you know how to go to the ground

[Verse 2: Maon of the Biarre Variety]
I'm a wizard
I cast spells, you die
You go to beep!
The bad place under the ground
I can go into a town
Do you know how to fly
I can eat a chicken pie
You can watch me go around
I can go into a town

[Hook: Both]
An inch is long, I sing a song
You are wrong, I like King Kong
Grab food with tong, I play ping-pong
Go to Hong Kong, a gong goes bong

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