All Of This Will End (demo) lyrics

Indigo De Souza

Inside my cage, I watch the
Clouds getting angry
Turning dark and raining down
I let my fingers run
I want to turn my brain off
Want to turn my shame to dust
Nobody hears me now
I'm talking to myself
I'm talking to god or something
I don't want anything to do with magic
And back then I had it
Forgiving and sacred

You ask me what I think about this
Is there even a reason for it
I don't have answers
No one does
I've been finding comfort in that
There's only love
There's only moving through and trying your best
Sometimes it's not enough
Who gives a f**k
All of this will end
Don't forget
All of this will end

I'm out of body
I am idle in the kitchen
Biting on my fingernail
Keeping from calling feeling scared
Of еverything I thought I knew
I'm only loving and moving through and trying my best
Somеtimes it's not enough
But I'm still real
I forgive

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