"Gatsby ft. sadboyprolific"

[Verse One: 3L3VAT3]
Yeah, the grind don't stop, we just push it along
Yeah, we just push it along, yeah, the grind don't stop, yeah, yeah
It's that two-four-seven, yeah, the grind don't stop
This Tony won't slow me down, I got the eye of a hawk
But what's the constant, fifty-fifty to five-oh watts
(?) f**kers asking me if five gon' pop, then my eyes gon' pop
Well then, I'm gon' pop, pop eyes from the spinach
When my vinyl's drop, I'm a psycho pop
They put me on the psycho watch
We in crazy times, that's the psycho watch

Out for the explosion
My heart is like a river and I'm drowning in emotions
I just want the answer, life's a mystery like Gatsby
Tell them (?) and go pick up the book and leave them gasping
But we don't really want that
All we want is guns, drugs, violence, and some dumb raps
I just want the (?), I just want the some black
Holes in my jeans now, I can't have no rugrats
'Cause Reptar like an Arab
Hero in the fight for the one strap
Took to find directions on a fake map
Third eye directs us to the compast(?)
Tell them compast(?) to the compast(?)
It's a clean kill called a bloodbath
I say you might need a pistol when the reaper's reaping behind ya
It's the avatar of (?), got (?) tweaking with hydra
Unity with messiah, going to Heaven via fire
Roll up a ball of that thunder, smoke DMT with Elijah
Resurrected with a smile, my (?) won't retire
Bringing me higher through the ring of fire
Through the steeple spire, realigned ya with the seed of Gaia
Planted it deep inside ya, heat will fry ya
Meet the evil fryer, demons' dream asylum
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